Property ID Labels

Keeping track of an office’s equipment can prove difficult if you don’t go about it in an organised fashion – with the increased threat of losing expensive objects, or even having them stolen in some rare cases. It’s vital that you implement a method of documenting your company’s assets as it grows. This is where property ID labels come in: a simple but effective way of identifying your belongings and collecting them into an inventory.

Here are our top 4 benefits of utilising property ID labels in the workplace:

  1. Keep A Check on Expensive Items

In a busy working environment – for example, an office or construction site – it’s hard to keep an eye on all the company’s property and ensure that it is being kept safely. You can also find some property ID labels or tags that have tamper-proof qualities to identify when somebody’s been trying to mess around with company property.

The security element is also very important when it comes to company computers or laptops – if an office has a refit, it may be difficult to ascertain whose system is whose – resulting in somebody potentially accessing another person’s confidential work files. The use of property ID labels would eliminate this – allowing you to spot which laptop belongs to who with ease.

  1. Save Money on Equipment Purchases

By having a handle on the equipment already circulating in your office or construction environment, you can eradicate any duplicate wasteful purchases and keep costs down to a minimum. Teamed with a handy inventory, you can be sure as to the correct levels of stock at all times – finding out whether they’re ok, or in need of replacement.

  1. Build an Inventory

By collating an inventory, you can have a true grasp on the items circulating around your premises, allowing you to keep an eye on stock levels, search for missing items and replace when appropriate.

The use of property ID labels makes this easy, as it simplifies each item to a number, meaning you can quickly search for it within your database when its lifespan or whereabouts are in question. 

  1. Convey a Professional Environment

If you have a client or professional visiting your establishment, the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling around looking for a piece of equipment to conduct your demonstration with. This conveys your company as disorganised and may deter clients from working with you in the future – especially if it means that you can’t actually show them what they came to see.

Here at Label Bar, we take property ID labels seriously, endeavouring to help organise every workplace in the UK with the implementation of a more concrete system of stock and equipment keeping.

Got some questions regarding the ideal type of property ID label for your company’s requirements? Contact us today and one of our friendly advisors will point you in the right direction for your purchase by suggesting the best labelling fit.

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