Custom Labels

When working in any retail or manufacturing environment, having custom labels that can be used on any piece of equipment you use, any product you wish to sell or any person who works for you can be a godsend. Being able to create your own labels using our facilities means you can add your own logo with ease, your business name or even an employee’s name, something which can add a personal touch for your customers as they interact with your business or shop in your store. The versatility of the custom label means only your or your company’s imagination can limit the possibilities of their usage.

Colleague Product Identification 

One of the primary uses for custom labels that are frequently used by many of our customers is discreet product identification for staff. With the ability to purchase labels adorned with a company’s unique text, whether that be a specific serial number, an internal product identification number or even the products name on your shelves, along with the ability to further colour code these labels, you can provide visual aids for your employees to accurately track the position when replenishing stock or ensuring the accuracy of product location on your business shelves. Having personalised labels that show accurate product information for your employees can cut down on human errors when restocking or ‘facing up’ products on shelving.

Product Pricing and Customer Information 

With any retail business, having the prices of your products proudly printed on a custom label, perhaps ornamented with your logo and company name, means customers can quickly see how much the product they’re buying from you costs. The custom labels that we supply can show your company logo, as well as any product information and pricing that you need. Labels supplied by Label Bar can be adapted to suit your own unique style and logo. Being able to maintain a format across all of your product pricing labels shows professionalism and an eye for detail. Price reductions are also a major marketing point for your products – temporary price reductions can be printed on custom labels to show your customers that they can make savings when purchasing with you

Labelling Equipment or Office Supplies 

Being able to label any equipment that you use in an office environment can be vital to ensuring all of the correct equipment stays in the relevant department location. Being able to assign equipment to specific areas and let your colleagues know that it needs to stay there can reduce the risk of lost or stolen equipment for your company. At Label Bar, we supply Asset Labels which can accurately track your products, but with items adorned with a Custom Printed sticker, you can quickly identify the owner of the products or where it belongs.

The much-forgotten custom label can bring a new lease of life to your working environment. It’s a versatile product that is limited only by your creativity. With personalised labels supplied by Label Bar, you can have labels printed in a variety of colours with your specific branding on them for affordable prices. Click here to browse all our Custom Label products.

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