Whether it’s in the workplace, in school or in a public outdoor space, fire safety is of the utmost importance and it is very important that your working environment complies with all of the building regulations to ensure the safety of everyone. Accidents are unavoidable, but simply by applying a fire safety label in the right places, you can prevent those accidents from turning quickly into tragedies.

Every workplace should have a fire risk assessment carried out by the person responsible for the building and its upkeep. A fire assessment should include an identification of any potential fire hazards and an identification of any people who would be most at risk in the event of a fire. The assessment should then use any findings to evaluate and then work to reduce the risk of potential fires from starting. A record of any findings should be kept alongside a prepared emergency plan. Fire safety training should be exercised in the workplace and fire risk assessments and reviews should be carried out regularly with records being updated often.

Fire safety stickers are what warn people about any fire hazards that are present to prevent any fires from starting or guide people in the event of an emergency to the nearest fire extinguisher. Your building should have the appropriate fire safety labels marking the fire alarm call points, the fire extinguisher points, the location of fire hose reeds and possible fire points. Luckily high-quality fire safety stickers should be long-lasting and visible for a long period of time, however, once these stickers do start to fade or become even slightly illegible, it is important that they are replaced as quickly as possible. It is in the interest of everyone that frequented spaces are well labelled with the appropriate fire safety stickers so be sure to make fire safety a priority in your workplace today.

Who to contact? 

Here at Label Bar, we have extensive experience in the production and distribution of Health and Safety, Identification and Testing and Service Labels and are proud to be the number one leading distributors of labels in the UK. We are also the only UK label supplier that offer free delivery on all of our products with fast 24-hour dispatch times.

Our fire safety labels are self-adhesive and made from a thick and highly durable polyolefin. This means that when applying a fire safety sicker, you don’t have to worry it becoming worn and illegible even in bad weather or harsh environmental conditions. All of our adhesive labels are designed for easy application and are a non-rip material designed to have high endurance against all conditions. When ordering with us, you will receive 6 fire safety stickers per sheet although you can order quantities of up to 500 if you wish. Your labels will also come in resealable snap top polybags to keep them well protected until use.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today to find out more information or to discuss our products further with us before purchase. Our team will be more than happy to help you.


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