Informtion Included on PAT Test Labels

In our last blog, we explained about portable appliance testing (PAT), the process of examining electrical appliances to make sure that they are not defective and are safe to use. This type of testing is frequent in workplace scenarios as employers look to prevent accidents and any harm to their staff.

We recently wrote about why PAT labels are great solutions in the workplace, even though there is no legal requirement to use them. Yet you will usually find more information on a PAT label apart from the crucial information about whether an appliance has passed or failed testing. Here are five things you’ll usually find on any PAT Labels sticker so you can know what to expect:

Appliance ID 

Some PAT labels mark the appliance with an Appliance ID. This can be in the form of a number or some other form of identification. This can come in handy when a workplace owns several identical appliances that need to be distinguished from one another and prevent the dangerous one being used by mistake.

Test Date 

Many PAT labels will identify the date on which they were last tested, including the month and the year. This is helpful for several reasons. Obviously the more recent the last test date is to the current date, obviously the more trustworthy the information and the more assurance you can have that the appliance is safe to use. This makes it vital knowledge for anyone looking to use an appliance.

Re-Test Date 

Of course, it is all well and good to know the most recent test date of an appliance but it’s vital to keep that information up to date. That’s why in addition to noting the most recent test date, PAT labels often also note when an appliance should be re-tested. While there are no absolute legal rules on testing appliances or when they should be retested, once a year is generally seen as a safe approach.

Test Engineer 

Many PAT labels will identify the individual engineer who has conducted the test of the appliance. If this is a trusted person within the organisation, like a qualified staff member, it provides a clear reassuring point of contact for the person using the appliance. 

Company Details 

Finally, if the engineer that conducted the PAT test is attached to a certain company, many PAT labels note the company name and the telephone number. If you use an outside contractor this is useful information to have. The most important thing is making sure that the person is accountable and can vouch for the correctness of the information, and that they can be contacted if there are any problems.

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