PAT Test Labels

Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to make sure that they are free of defects and safe to use. PAT is especially common in the workplace as employers look to meet their health and safety obligations.

While there is no legal requirement to label electrical equipment that’s been tested, PAT labels are extremely useful to have stuck onto your appliances. Here are a few reasons why PAT labels are so versatile:

They’re reassuring… 

The reason portable appliance testing is so important is to ensure the safety of those who are looking to use an appliance. Most electrical defects can be found just with a superficial visual examination but others need to be looked at more formally. A detailed PAT label is an authoritative and reassuring demonstration that an electrical appliance has been checked thoroughly by a qualified person and is completely safe to use.

…And a warning 

Conversely, PAT labels are also excellent at marking appliances or equipment that have failed their basic electrical safety test and would potentially be dangerous if operated. These PAT labels often come in bright red, white and black colours with the clear instruction ‘Do not use’. This makes it easy for engineers or colleagues to spot that an appliance needs repairing or replacing.

Available in different sizes or shapes

Obviously not all appliances are the same shape and size so it makes sense that PAT labels for them vary in their appearance too. PAT labels often come in standard, medium and large sizes, enabling them to fit almost any appliance.

If a label is not the right choice for an appliance for whatever reason, PAT test labels also come in the form of tuff tags and cable wraps that can be wrapped around an appliance or its connecting wire, or contained inside a LabelGuard tag which offers better protection. Having so many different guises, you can rest assured that there will be a PAT label in some form even for the most awkwardly shaped appliances.

Can be personalised 

Often the authority of a PAT label stems from the name of the company testing the appliance or how recently the appliance has been tested. That’s why it’s possible to obtain personalised PAT labels which provide the name of the engineer, their company and a contact number, along with the date of the test and when it should be renewed. This helps give appliance users confidence that the appliance has been tested recently by the right person.

Some PAT labels also mark the appliance with an Appliance ID. This can come in handy when a workplace owns several identical appliances that need to be distinguished from one another. 

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