With global warming on the rise, protecting the environment has never been more important. It is our responsibility when it comes to disposing of waste to do it in the most sustainable way possible. We can encourage others to do the same by ensuring that waste management stickers are visible in every public place with rubbish and recycling bins.

Why do we need waste management? 

The UK’s resource and landfill sites are limited and burying our rubbish is simply not a sustainable solution in our society. As humans, we produce large amounts of waste and much of this waste is not biodegradable. Rubbish and waste can also cause water and air pollution, as rotting waste releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases into the air that causes significant damage to the health people and the state of the environment. This is where recycling plays its part. Recycling is essential to waste management because it preserves our limited resources and reduces the cost of production for a huge variety of products.

Waste management stickers 

In public places and at recycling centres, recycling labels for bins can be used to break down the recycling bins into categories such as bottles, cans, glass, food waste, general waste, paper and ink cartridges. General waste signs and recycling bin stickers are how we encourage people to recycle their waste in society. By providing people with an easy method of categorising their waste they can see which items that they can and can’t recycle and dispose of it accordingly. Waste management is an area that is still in development with advances still to be made, but having clearly labelled bins with recycling bin labels is one way that we can encourage people to play their part in the reduction of harmful waste. General waste signs are distinguished from one another by colour and clear graphics logos which are easy to comprehend. This should help to maximise the amount of waste we are recycling in society and reduce what we send to landfill sites.

Who to contact? 

Here at Label Bar, with our wealth of experience in the production and distribution of Health and Safety, Identification and Testing and Service Labels, we are the best people to get in contact with if you are looking for waste management labels. We are proud to be the number one leading distributors of labels in the UK and the only UK label supplier that offer free delivery on all of our products with fast 24-hour dispatch times.

All of our waste management labels are supplied individually and are available in sizes A4 and A5 for optimum visibility. Your recycling label shall arrive in a resealable snap top polybag to ensure it is well protected until use. Our labels are made from extremely strong adhesive, thick and highly durable polyolefin, designed to withstand all environments. All of our labels are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information on any of our products and services, our team are dedicated to providing our customers with expert advice and will be more than happy to help in any way they can.

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