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At Label Bar, we have a wide range of inspection labels and stickers. These allow you to instantly see whether appliances are suitable to use. They declare if the equipment passed or failed the inspection.


All our labels will include the date of inspection, the result of inspection and sometimes the date of the next inspection- they can also include details of the executive who performed the test and the identification number of the product (i.e. battery, ladder or fire extinguisher).


We also provide you with the opportunity to personalise your inspection labels, we create the perfect products for you taking into consideration your specific requirements. We can incorporate a company name, logo and contact number if you’re wanting something unique!


Our inspection stickers are available in various colours, shapes and sizes, dependent on the result of the service, you can choose between green, blue, black or red.


Do you need a service label for your ladder safety inspection?

We have ladder safety inspection labels in green and blue for a positive result but if your ladder is not safe to use- you will require a red one! Our red labels state that the product should not be used in white bold letters, making it clear and eye-catching.


Perhaps you want a general inspection label that is significantly smaller but has the same effect as larger ones?


We provide Quality Assurance Mini labels, these are simple and straightforward; they state whether your products passed or failed (again we use green and red for these)!


So, whether you’re looking for a label that shows “WORK IN PROGRESS” or “AWAITING INSPECTION” at Label Bar we have exactly what you need.


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