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PAT testing labels – also known as Portable Appliance Testing – are used to show when an electrical appliance has last had its examination, and the state in which it was found – e.g. whether it is safe to use still.


A vital piece of equipment within any industry, to use electrical equipment within your workspace without PAT testing labels is incredibly risky and, in some cases, can even have your company shut down. Here at Label Bar, we supply a number of different types of PAT test labels to ensure that you’re always adhering to health and safety regulations on your premises.


The PAT test stickers that we supply here at Label Bar cover the following criteria to be filled out by the engineer when they come to test your electrical appliances: 

  • App ID
  • Tested (date)
  • Re-Test (due date of next test)
  • Engineer 

If they have passed, they will be clearly marked in order to show those working with the machinery that it is safe to use. However, if the PAT testing finds that the electrical appliance is faulty, you need to label it with a PAT test label that says ‘FAILED’, that comes in an unmissable pillar-box red hue.


There are a number of other PAT test label types that can be used for various circumstances and we also stock a number of PAT test log books and Sharpie pens to ensure that the information doesn’t rub off your PAT test sticker.


If you’re unsure as to how you can implement PAT testing labels within your company, feel free to contact us here at Label Bar. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have ample knowledge in the area and can help you set up your premises in the safest manner possible.

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