Mandatory Labels

At Label Bar, we are leading suppliers for a variety of labels, including health and safety, identification, and testing. We have over 10 years of industry experience, making us experts at providing the widest variety of labels that you could need. Today, we’re going to look at four different types of mandatory labels.


In certain areas, it is necessary to advise others of the mandatory protection that must be worn in these specific locations. It may be that particular clothing must be worn, such as lab coats, high-visibility clothing, or other specialist protective clothing or overalls. Perhaps there needs to be protection on the face and head, such as respirators, eye or ear protection, face masks, or it may be necessary to wear headgear such as helmets, welding masks, hairnets, or visors. It could be that hand protection is required, or that a particular type of safety footwear is needed. Whatever the means of protection, at Label Bar, we have a sign to suit any purpose with our wide range of blue and white mandatory labels.


When completing certain activities, it may be required to use particular equipment for safety reasons. This could be a safety harness when working in areas that are high up, or in difficult positions, that may pose a risk if you should fall. Or it could be a seat belt sign when operating machinery that is also a vehicle, such as a forklift. Alternatively, it could be a label that is helpful when you want certain equipment switched off, such as mobile phones. Or it could be a case of alerting people of a sound horn when driving.


As well as mandatory labels for protection and equipment use, it can also be helpful to remind people of required procedures through the use of these signs. It could be when carrying out day-to-day tasks such as lifting and stacking, positioning guards, or switching appliances off, to remind employees to check they are doing these actions in the correct way. It could be simple reminders to place litter into the provided bins or to wash hands, or use anti-bacterial gel.


In certain environments, it may be necessary to direct pedestrians on particular paths, where there are a lot of large moving vehicles. We also stock arrow signs for site compound directions, as well as signs to keep clear, keep clear, or keep off, whether an escape route or a secure area. There are also signs for fire doors, guards, and passes for added safety and security in your workplace.

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