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Quick Response Codes are everywhere, and QR code stickers can break down the doors between the physical world and your digital domain for your customers!

At Label Bar, we have a long history of producing bespoke labels to fulfill the specific needs of our customers.  We can now bring all of that expertise to bear in order to offer custom QR code stickers for a wide range of applications.  In the same way that a barcode label on the packaging of a grocery product refers supermarket checkout software to a particular computer file with the relevant details, so QR code labels can be used to send any electronic device with a camera and internet access to a specific webpage.

Using QR Code Labels for Advertising

To make full use of QR code stickers, UK companies have used innovative thinking.  By attaching these labels to marketing materials such as posters and leaflets, they have allowed prospective customers to research their products and services instantly, without having to go to the trouble of noting down a web domain.  And by placing QR code stickers directly on their product packaging, they encourage existing customers to engage further with the company and make subsequent purchases.

Using QR Code Labels for Communication

Have you brought to market a complex product which requires detailed assembly instructions or ongoing technical support?  Why not affix small QR code stickers from Label Bar to an inconspicuous surface of the item?  The link could be set up to take your customers to an electronic user’s manual, or put them in touch with your customer services team.  This interactive approach allows customers to get more out of their items, and gives vendors the opportunity to monitor how their products are received and used.

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