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Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast, or the owner of a garden centre, ensuring that plants are easily identifiable is vital when it comes to their care and maintenance. Here at Label Bar, we supply a number of different labels for plants to ensure that both you and those viewing your plants – whether for sale or perusal – can work out what they are.


If you’re looking to label the plants within your garden centre, plant labels are important as they will allow your customers to identify the type they’d like, the price, and the name so that they can ask staff within the store for assistance.


If you have a lot of plants within your home and garden, it can be easy to lose track of their individual names and, consequently, how best to take care of them. By using labels for plants, you can ensure that nobody gets left behind, or left to ruin!


Our labels for plants are made of 100% weatherproof, rip-proof material that will withstand any environment where your plants live. Whether you’ve got a laser printer or a thermal transfer printer, you can attach the relevant information to your plants and flowers.


We also stock Sharpie twin-tip permanent markers, so that you can add any new information to the tag as time goes on. You could even create a template for your plastic plant labels, where you can write in the relevant information yourself and discard as applicable when you opt for new plants. It’s whatever method you find most effective within your environment.


Contact us here at Label Bar today to discuss your requirements when it comes to labels for plants. Our team will be on hand to assess your situation – whether for personal purchase or business – uniting you with the ideal package of labels for plants.