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CHIP Regulation Labels are Hazard Stickers which clearly identify dangerous substances so workers and customers are fully aware of the dangers of handling gasses, liquids or solids that could potentially combust or are perhaps toxic, corrosive or flammable. Being able to safeguard work environments from potential hazards should be of paramount concern for any employer, as they act as a deterrent to someone who may be considering handling an unknown substance without correct training and as an international identifier of potential dangers for employees working in close proximity with dangerous substances.


Here at Label Bar, we supply a vast array of different CHIP Regulation Stickers for companies and manufacturers to use on products that could potentially be dangerous. Currently, our range covers Flammable substances, environmental hazards, irritants, explosives, corrosive substances, oxidising materials and toxic substances. The prices for all of our products start at £6.95 and the purchasable quantities are adjustable to your company’s needs. We ship our CHIP Hazard Stickers via Royal Mail, which is free, but we also provide ultra-fast courier delivery for customers who need their labels urgently.


Our CHIP Regulation Labels are perfect for both interior and exterior use and should be applied to smooth, clean and non-porus surfaces for the best durability possible. CHIP Hazard Labels are the perfect product to properly signpost dangers to employees and customers, ensuring products fully comply with UK and European health and safety legislation. You don’t need to look anywhere else than right here at Label Bar for your CHIP labels and Hazard Stickers.

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