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Safeguarding your workforce from potential dangers they could encounter in the workplace is a paramount concern for any employer. One of the easiest ways to protect your colleagues and employees is with hazard warning labels, which you can attach to almost any surface so you can prewarn anyone in the vicinity of the potential hazards they may face due to mishandling or how they can safeguard themselves from accidents whilst working near the potential hazard. At Label Bar, our vast range of Hazard Warning Stickers provides you with the perfect opportunity to properly identify hazardous materials, equipment or work areas.


Our Hazard Warning Diamonds can signpost a variety of different dangers, such as explosive substances or materials, compressed gasses, flammable gasses, liquids and solids, as well as spontaneously combustible materials, poisonous substances and toxic gasses. Our hazard labels and stickers are suitable for both interior and exterior applications and will stick fast as long as they are applied to smooth, clean and non-porous materials. Our Hazard Warning Diamond Labels are internationally recognized which means any products adorned with these labels will immediately be recognised during any transit or moving that takes place.


All of our safety labels, stickers and signs, including Hazard Warning Labels and Hazard Warning Stickers, fully comply with current UK and European Health and Safety Legislation and are perfect for any company, large or small, who need to signpost specific substances or equipment to ensure safety in the workplace.

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