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Wherever hazardous materials are stored or whenever they are moved, it is in the best interests of all concerned that every container bears the appropriate signage to warn anyone who may come into contact with it about the nature of the contents. At Label Bar, we supply a full range of durable, self adhesive polyolefin Hazard Warning Diamond labels which will allow you to easily and clearly label any hazardous substances which are stored at your premises or are to be transported by your vehicles. All these labels are manufactured to meet British Standard BS 5609 and satisfy international hazardous materials labelling legislation, with the required measurements of 100mm x 100mm.


The design of these labels is based on the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, which form the basis for most national and international regulations around the world including those of the UK and the EU. When ordering a supply of Hazard Warning Diamond stickers, it is important to know just what materials are to be labelled and therefore exactly which Hazard Warning labels are required. Different types of hazard are represented by the different pictograms which appear in the top half of each Hazard Warning label; for example, the flame pictogram denotes a flammable material, while the skull-and-crossbones mark is used for toxic substances. The colours and wording used on Hazard Warning Diamond stickers give additional information about the nature of the dangerous goods and the circumstances under which they may pose a threat.


Ordering the appropriate Hazard Warning Diamond stickers for your consignment couldn’t be easier: on confirming which hazards are associated with the material to be transported, simply select the relevant hazard on the menu to the left of this page, and choose from the Hazard Warning Labels in that category.

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