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General Inspection Labels


At Label Bar, we supply only the highest quality General Inspection Labels for business usage. No matter how big or small your company is, having inspection labels on hand to be placed on equipment or machinery used by your company is paramount to ensuring rigorous health and safety standards are maintained in the workplace. Ensuring that equipment being used by any member of staff is safe and regularly maintained, as part of a Servicing and Maintenance schedule, is paramount to ensuring your workplace is a safe environment to be in.

Currently, we supply a large range of different General Inspection Labels for business use. The products we sell include Ladder Safety Inspection Labels, General Maintenance Record Labels, Calibration Record Labels, Battery Tested Labels, QA (Quality Assurance) Labels and Appliance Testing Labels. Moreover, we supply labels that are focussed around the same pieces of equipment but display differing text for the outcome of the inspection, such as our QA Passed and QA Labels or our Ladder Safety Inspection Labels. Showing a large, bright and clear warning to colleagues that a piece of equipment is safe or unsafe to use is an almost certain way to reduce the risk of accidents at work due to misuse of unsafe equipment.

We also supply more durable service labels, manufactured by LabelGuard, where the information regarding the safety testing is printed and fitted with a plastic tag for extra protection and durability. We also supply LabelGuard fixings that clearly indicate electrocution risks. The General Service Stickers and other products we sell come with a variety of options, be that colour, size or text content. You don’t need to look anywhere else to fulfil your Inspection Label needs than Label Bar.

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