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Serial Number Labels & Stickers

Serial numbers are a time-proven way of labelling products or resources, for the purpose of uniquely identifying every individual item at any time.  However, some methods of applying a serial number to a product are more effective than others; embossing or engraving is rarely the most cost-effective way, while writing a serial number with a marker pen is distinctly unprofessional, and the results may quickly fade.  Serial number labels in the form of adhesive stickers are readily available and convenient to use, and have thus become the standard practice in many industries.  However, the quality of such labels varies greatly, and if they fall off there is usually no way to identify a product.


All the labels we supply here at Label Bar are formulated to be up to the job.  Some are specifically produced to deal with harsh environments, but even our most basic serial number stickers are designed to provide continuous service, as long as they are handled with reasonable care.  These designs can be personalised with your company name and logo, for that extra touch of professionalism.  Whether they are to be used for asset management, as part of a PAT testing scheme, or to be installed on your products before they are shipped, these serial number labels will do their job faithfully and reflect well on your company.



The serial number stickers shown below are basic visual identifiers; if your numbered assets or products are going to be stored in an electronic database, check out our bar code adhesive labels.  Or for appliance testing purposes, use the serial number labels below in conjunction with PAT test labels which allow you to make a physical record of the date an item was tested and the identity of the staff member who completed the inspection.