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Asset Labels


When it comes to the protection, security and safety of equipment used in your workplace, you want to implement a system that can track your equipment’s location and maintenance status in an instant. With Asset ID Labels supplied from us at Label Bar, you can ensure that all the equipment used in your company can be logged digitally so you know exactly where it is located at any one time. Using our long-lasting, highly durable and competitively priced Asset Labels and Asset Barcode Labels can give you peace of mind in a fast-paced business environment.


Currently, we supply an impressive range of different Asset Label products, so you can pick the right ones for your business needs. We sell Asset Stickers that can be fully customised to fit within your company’s branding; we can produce Asset ID Labels and Asset Barcode Labels adorned with your company name and logo, as well as any details about the product or piece of equipment you’re looking to protect with a label. Depending on which product you come to choose, we supply the Asset Labels in a variety of sizes or colours, depending on how discreetly or overtly you want to place them on your equipment. Some of our Asset ID Stickers also provide the facility to include your company contact information and we also allow you to customise the labels to show specific serial numbers so you can discriminate which department the equipment may belong to in your company.


We supply our Asset ID Labels and Barcoded Labels in a range of different quantities. More information about the Asset Labels you choose to purchase, as well as the option to choose colour, quantity and other customisable features, is available when clicking on the product of your choice. You don’t have to look anywhere else for a safe and secure Asset Labelling system than right here at Label Bar.

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