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There are several behaviours that need to be prohibited in the workplace. It may be that workers smoking poses a health hazard to customers and colleagues, particularly in an area where there are flammable materials or chemicals. You may also have a piece of equipment which can only be safely operated by qualified personnel. That’s why here at Label Bar, we provide a range of prohibition labels to remind staff and customers to behave carefully around your workplace.

We stock a great range of no smoking stickers for you to advise staff and visitors against picking up that cigarette, along with labels advising against using sources of naked flames, such as matches or lighters. We can also provide other prohibition labels reminding people not to touch an object, or advising whether or not water is safe to drink.

Our prohibition labels are made of non-rip plastic with an extra strong adhesive and are available in small and large sizes, so you can be sure that they will withstand wear and tear over a long period of time and are ideal for placing on a range of surfaces. Once we receive your order, we will dispatch your labels within 24 hours, completely free of charge.

We are proud to offer our prohibition labels. If there is a specific type of prohibition label you are looking for but can’t find here, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Label Bar today. We will do our best to find a suitable option for your needs.