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Working around electrical equipment can be incredibly dangerous, particularly if that equipment is not functioning correctly. For that reason, it’s vital to warn your workers of the risks in order to prevent any injury or, worse, a fatal accident. That’s why here at Label Bar, we stock an excellent range of electrical safety labels to provide employees and their colleagues with all the information they need to stay safe.


Our yellow voltage warning labels are perfectly suited for advising workers when they are working close to voltages ranging from 110V to an enormous 33,000V (33 kV). When stuck onto a piece of equipment this will help employees or contractors prepare and plan their work accordingly. These voltage warning labels are also available in large form to make sure that they are clearly visible.


We also stock electrical safety labels that advise of other hazards or provide additional information for staff or visitors. Topics that these labels cover include isolating a main power supply before opening, the presence of multiple power supplies, or warning that fibre optic cables are nearby.


All our electrical labels are self-adhesive and made from the highly durable plastic polypropylene, giving them excellent rip resistance. Some of our labels also come in the form of tuff tags. These tuff tags can be tied onto equipment unsuitable for stickers such as wires or handles, and are particularly suited for harsh environments.


We understand that in an emergency you may need your electrical safety labels quickly, so we aim to dispatch all orders we receive within 24 hours of receipt. We also offer completely free postal delivery.


Whatever it is that you require, we aim to please here at Label Bar. If you have any questions about our range of electrical safety labels please get in touch.


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