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PAT testing stickers are labels that can be displayed in work places to show the results of the most recent conducted PAT test. Portable appliance testing is a test by which portable appliances such as microwaves and kettles in commercial settings are routinely checked for safety issues. Testing involves a visual inspection of the appliance as well as an inspection of its cables and also, where required, verification of grounding continuity.


It is good practice to have as much health and safety information to hand to present to any visiting health and safety inspectors, and PAT testing stickers/ labels will do a good chunk of this job for you. A PAT testing label will display the results of the last PAT test that was conducted for an appliance, and will show essential information such as the date of the test and who the test was conducted by.


Our PAT testing label design here at Label Bar is of the highest quality, made from a strong Duragrip material which is our new material with extremely aggressive adhesive and high durability. This means that your PAT labels are guaranteed to last a long time, so you will not have to worry about replacing each PAT test sticker for a long time. Each PAT testing sticker is 100 % waterproof and can be written on easily with most pens. Our PAT labels are made on site and have gone through rigorous testing to guarantee their quality!

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