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When ordering PAT labels online, take a moment to browse the range of products below and find the type of PAT test sticker which best suits your application.


Basic PAT labels generally carry three items of information: the identity of the appliance (usually a numeric or alphanumeric code); the date the test was carried out; and the identity of the tester, which often takes the form of their initials. This makes for small, compact PAT testing stickers which fit comfortably on the back or edge of most devices and won’t get in the way.


Under other circumstances, it may be advantageous to use larger PAT test stickers which can display additional information. Extra data fields can be included, such as the date the device is due to be re-tested, or the rating of the fuse installed. Or, you can use our personalised PAT test label printing service to specify the information you wish to record. Each PAT testing sticker can be branded with your company name and logo, for a professional touch.


When it comes to PAT testing stickers, labels are not always suitable for all devices. If some of your appliances are too small or irregularly shaped for the use of normal PAT stickers, Tuff Tags are an alternative which can be affixed to the item in multiple ways, for example they can be attached to a mains flex or carrying handle. For especially demanding environments, LabelGuard tags are bright, clear and virtually indestructible.


Our PAT testing labels are available in a range of colours, finishes and designs, to make them stand out and get their message across. Don’t forget to order a stock of ‘Failed’ PAT test labels so that any appliances which don’t make the grade can be removed from service until they can be repaired.

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