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GHS Labelling is the worldwide standard in hazard and warning labelling.  GHS Label refers to the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification of chemical hazard labels. It incorporates all of the requirements that relate to hazardous substances labels, hazardous warning labels and hazardous waste labels.  Using the law and legislation to provide universal recognized hazard labels for chemicals, allows shipping and travel around the world for commerce, reducing risk that can be occur as a result of a lack of knowledge of dangerous substances.


GHS labels and GHS stickers can be produced for all of your company GHS hazard Sticker needs by Label Bar with free delivery, and can be dispatched and on its way to your business within 24 hours.  With over 10 years’ experience you can be sure that your labels will be the excepted GHS Regulation Label.


Hazardous Labels need to be comprehensible and understood using picture format so that it cuts out the need for multiple translations and complicated hazard labels stickers.  When you see a sign of this kind on a drum or on the back of a lorry or truck and it is vague and incomprehensible, you may understand that the product is hazardous, but you may not know why or what you should do about it, therefore the risk is still high regardless of the label.  And the priority with all of the GHS regulation stickers and GHS regulation labels is to eliminate the risk.


Any GHS Sticker can be provided in an easily seen large print format, or smaller GHS hazard stickers can be provided for drums and containers of chemical and hazardous products.  


For any other Health and safety labels or signage apart from GHS Hazard Labels, please check out the other options available to you at Label Bar.


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