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Asset labels allow businesses to keep track of the various appliances which are essential to operations. Each asset label carries a unique number, by which a particular appliance can be identified. From office machines such as laptops and printers, to production equipment like tools and conveyors, and even sundries such as air blowers and vacuum cleaners, all appliances on a premises must be monitored and maintained. The use of appliance labels allows your firm to discharge your health and safety responsibilities, protect your company’s physical assets, and monitor the use and condition of various pieces of equipment.


PAT testing is the protocol most companies choose in order to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirement for all portable appliances to be kept in safe working condition. PAT testing in itself is not a legal requirement, however enforcing an inspection schedule by means of thorough record keeping is a fine way to show your commitment to health and safety standards. Our PAT testing labels incorporating asset tags are designed, not only to uniquely identify each individual item, but also to record the results of the safety inspection and the date it is due to be re-tested. All appliance Id labels, especially barcode equipped labels, lend themselves well to safety testing monitoring schemes, as all appliances can be combined into a single database which can be set up to issue alerts when each inspection is due.


Besides PAT testing stickers, asset tags can include barcodes, or can be personalised with text and graphics of your own design. Popular designs include company logos, department names and contact details. To discuss the design of your asset stickers, or to discover the other options available for bespoke appliance labels, contact our team or browse the options on the other pages of this site.

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