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Packaging Labels

For many decades now, paper mail has, for the most part become a thing of the past. With many people preferring e-mail, social media and chat groups as their regular method of communication, it may seem that the mail service is soon to be made completely obsolete. However, with internet shopping and home delivery on the increase, the mail service now is actually busier than ever. Good news for the mail service and good news for the commercial companies that are now providing people around the world with their services and products

Labelbar are here to provide your packages and boxes with the correct shipping stickers and packaging labels, to ensure that all of the goods you send out to your clients and customers, arrive in the condition you sent them out in. With that endeavour in mind, there are a number of different packaging labels stickers available to help highlight the different needs of each package and box in transit. For example, packaging labels for boxes may include instructions such as ‘handle with care’ and ‘this way up’ whereas other labels such as ‘fragile’ provides you with an idea of the type of package being handled. These labels are a common sight in the home delivery world.

With so much on offer to support you and your customers in communicating with the very people who service your business, by making sure your products get to their destination safely and securely, we can take a lot of the worry and pressure of you and your clients.

Other Packing & Shipping Labels available include things like ‘recycled package’ or ‘do not litter’, which helps to keep waste down and encourages your employers, third party carriers, mail services, and the general public to be environmentally aware and thoughtful.