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General Service Labels

Here at Label Bar we stock an excellent range of low-price labels for general routine services, available as either adhesive non-rip stickers, or LabelGuard® Tags. Multi-Date Service Record Stickers are available in the form of calibration, maintenance, or inspection records. Specific Service Record Labels are also available for PAT testing, fire extinguishers and gas appliances. Why can you rely on the quality of our General Service Labels?

The materials that we use for our labels are hardwearing, which guarantees a high level of performance. In addition to this, our General Service Stickers have an extremely aggressive level of adhesion, which means that they are designed to last. We also offer a good range of LabelGuard® Tags. These come in range of colours and designs depending on your business requirements. Do you prefer red, blue, yellow, or green protection labels? Our LabelGuard® Tags are virtually indestructible, due to the super strong moulded plastic with a transparent polycarbonate clip-in cover. The matching coloured cable ties are just as strong and durable. Our Inspection Labels come in a colour choice of black, green, and blue, and these provide a clear format for recording inspection information. These Inspection Stickers have the same high-quality Duragrip material and come in a wide range of quantity options.

Why not take advantage of our free delivery service? No other UK supplier can offer this unique 24-hour dispatch facility. Wherever you are located within the British Isles, you can purchase our general service labels and then have them delivered right to your door. Please call us on 01325 327 372 if you have any questions or comments.

Please contact us on 01325 327 372 if you have any questions or comments.

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