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Our range of mandatory labels is for use in situations where it is necessary for people to comply with certain rules and regulations for a specific area or task. Here at Label Bar, we offer a variety of over thirty different mandatory labels. Also known as workplace safety stickers, they clearly display the required information using both text and images in blue and white.


The first kind of mandatory sticker involves clothing and equipment that must be worn, including lab coats, protective clothing, hand protection, safety footwear, high-visibility clothing, respirators, eye protection, face marks, ear protection, safety helmets, welding masks, hairnets, visors or safety harness. 


There are also mandatory labels that are based on actions. These include reminders to lift correctly, stack correctly, place rubbish in bins, information for pedestrian routes, seat belt reminders, hand washing and anti-bacterial gel reminders, guard position reminders, and notice to switch off mobile phones. 


Other workplace safety labels include left and right arrows for the site compound direction, fire door lock reminder, notice to switch off when not in use, keeping escape routes clear, using guards, warning that passes must be shown, and those to keep clear/out/off. 


Prices for all mandatory labels start from £6.95 for a pack of 8. Although they increase with the quantity, you can make overall savings by buying labels in bulk, up to 1000 stickers. They measure as standard at 100mm x 75mm from a thick and highly durable polyolefin self-adhesive. 


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