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If you work in an industry or workplace with potential hazards, workplace safety stickers are a must! Workplace safety labels are specially designed to ensure that workers are warned of potential hazards in a building or office to prevent accidents before they can happen. All mandatory stickers are printed on a clear, primary blue background to effectively warn employees about existing hazards in the working area, with clear, recognisable white logos to illustrate the hazard and signal towards the appropriate solution.


All of our mandatory labels are made from a thick and highly durable polyolefin, a long lasting and weather-resistant material appropriate for both indoor and outdoor application. They come with a self-adhesive application so labels can be placed wherever they are needed in the workplace. With every mandatory label that you buy from us, you can be certain that they are going to be long lasting without showing any signs of wear or tear. All labels arrive in resealable snap top polybags to keep them protected until use.


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Here at Label Bar, we are dedicated to providing high quality safety labels for our clients to help them protect their employees in their workplace. Our service can be specifically tailored to suit your business needs, and many of our labels can be personalised to include any information you need to be displayed such as your company name and contact details.

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