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Make sure your equipment is properly labelled to show its current condition, with Label Bar’s quality control labels. Notifying the public about the potential risks involved when using machinery or equipment, can prevent injuries or even death in extreme cases.


Whether it’s simply an electrical fault or a missing wire, these can all result in serious fatalities when gone unnoticed. If you work in any environment that is open to customers, co-workers or the general public, you must endeavour to make your premises as safe as possible.


Whatever point of the quality assurance journey your equipment may be at, we have a label to correspond with – even supplying label protecting guards to ensure your safety notices cannot be tampered with or removed without your permission.


Supplied in a range of eye-catching bold colours, these labels are designed to be instantly recognisable, helping you to index your stock and keep an eye on maintenance dates.


Contact us today if you cannot find what you’re looking for, and our specialist advisors will work to unite you with the correct quality assured labels for you and your establishment.

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