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Promote the longevity of your electrical equipment by fitting each item with a fuse rating label. This will allow members of your workforce to identify the upper amounts of energy current needed to blow the fuse, allowing them to use the equipment with less chance of damaging it.


Measured in ‘amps’, the fuse rating is often found on the side of a fuse, allowing you to turn it in its socket until you can read its amp level. To avoid any unnecessary downtime, it is vital that you adhere to the fuse rating with an amp sticker, as blowing the fuse will result in the energy current being stopped and thusly, stop the equipment from working.


You can identify the fuse rating of an item by searching for it online or contacting us, with many appliances operating with a 3A or 13-amp fuse. Microwaves, kettles, irons, toasters and washing machines often utilise 13 amp fuses, meaning you would require 13 amp labels, whilst table lamps, televisions and computers usually operate with 3A amp fuse and would require these stickers.


Label Bar have been providing fuse rating labels for domestic and commercial use for years, making us experts on the importance of accurately labelling all electrical equipment, both in the home and the office.


Unsure as to which amp fuse rating label you need for your piece of equipment? Contact us today at Label Bar and one of our specialist advisors will be on hand to offer professional advice regarding the correct amp measurement for your particular item.