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Some warning labels are required by law, while others are discretionary. But ultimately, we all want our workplaces to be as safe as they can be and posting warning signs wherever it is appropriate to do so plays a major part in achieving this.

Hazard labels are only effective if they are clear, concise, and easy to read. All of our danger stickers use widely recognized graphics along with clear standard fonts, on a bright and eye-catching safety yellow background. The triangular shape is standard for danger & warning labels, and in some cases is supplemented by an information panel. To guarantee exceptional performance under even the most demanding conditions, our danger labels are printed on self adhesive, thick and highly durable Polyolefin. This material will resist weathering and wear & tear, making for lasting service without peeling or fading.

Placement is also a critical consideration if danger & warning stickers are to be effective. Hazard labels should ideally be placed at eye level (or slightly higher in areas with high foot traffic), and be clearly visible in any direction from which personnel are likely to approach. If possible, such signs should be combined with a physical barrier, such as a door or access panel. Doors should not be left propped open, as this could make the danger labels invisible to approaching personnel. The danger stickers should then be repeated on the apparatus itself; for example, in the case of a fuel pump kiosk, diesel fuel stickers should be affixed to the door of the kiosk, and the pump itself.

Aside from the labels pictured below, we produce standardized chemical warning labels, which are available on our Warning Diamonds page. To enquire about any other types of warning labels and related products, please contact us directly.

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