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Is your company prepared for the new practices which must be adopted in the wake of Brexit?  While the government has gone to great lengths to soften the blow in terms of allowing previous processes to remain in place for as long as possible, the fact is that Britain has now fully left the EU and many of the standards and conventions used in industry and business no longer apply to UK firms.

One example of this change is the CE mark we are used to seeing on all kinds of consumer goods.  The CE mark has long been established as a declaration of health and safety and environmental protection conformity, and has meant items could be sold anywhere in the European Economic Area.  As Britain is no longer part of the EEA, the CE mark is no longer applicable to goods in this country.

In order to maintain these established standards, the government has introduced the new UKCA mark.  Standing for ‘United Kingdom – Conformity Assessed’, this new classification is in most cases a direct replacement for the CE mark.  With the advent of the UKCA mark, 2020 is the last year the old CE mark will still be mandatory, although in most cases it may still be used for a few months more.  After that, UKCA marking labels will replace CE labels on most items.

The range of UKCA marking stickers from Label Bar are made from the same durable materials as our health and safety stickers and identification labels.  We aim to provide an across-the-board, one-stop solution for labelling and signage, and that’s why we have made this comprehensive range of UKCA labels available as quickly as possible.

To learn more about our UKCA stickers, or any of the other products we sell which may be required under new UK trade rules, please contact our team.

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