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Here at Label Bar, we want to try and remove some of the burdens of running a business off your shoulders, by providing you with simplistic but effective label solutions to your health and safety needs. Having the ability to utilise gas appliance labels, fuse rating labels or any type of quality control labels allows you to notify your workforce of any potential dangers they may come up against in relation to the servicing and maintenance status of the product or piece of equipment in question. Today, we’re looking at the 4 most popular uses for test and service labels in a work environment.

Gas Tests and Electrical PAT Testing 

If you’re a company who uses gas appliances, having a healthy supply of gas service labels can be vitally important in relaying information to your co-workers, informing them the appliance is safe to use, but also to future servicing and maintenance crews looking to see if the appliance is due for servicing and maintenance. It’s much the same with electrical appliances; having the ability to inform your colleagues about the PAT status of an appliance via the use of a PAT testing sticker can let them know it is safe to use and when its re-test date is coming up. Here at Label Bar, we supply a variety of these types of labels, both cable wrap and plug top so you can tailor what you use to the appliance in question, whether you use an amp fuse rating label or general maintenance stickers.

Health and Safety Equipment 

Being able to give a visual indicator of the servicing status of Health and Safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, is vital in informing your workforce about the standard of the equipment available and whether the equipment is in date. Fire extinguisher stickers provide a level of accountability in regards to regular replacing of old health and safety equipment by tracking testing dates and times, as well as leaving any important comments for future servicing teams. We also supply labels which cover equipment like ladders, so specific ladder equipment can be tested and allocated to a different area, so health and safety can be monitored if an accident occurs with that piece of equipment.

Appliance Identification and Barcoding 

As technology improves and archaic, manual tracking systems are abandoned for more accurate computer records, having a system of barcoded labels which log the servicing and maintenance status of a variety of different pieces of equipment is becoming the new standard when it comes to test and servicing labels. The benefits of these types of maintenance labels is that it saves data entry time as you only need to scan a barcode linked to a database that holds key servicing information for your business equipment. If you can save time on manual data entry, you can free up time for more vital work.

General Inspection and Quality Control 

If you deal in products with sell-by dates and products that can expire, having a large supply of quality control labels is a must. Being able to clearly notify customers of when a product will expire is a requirement, especially in industries like food and beverage production. From Label Bar, you can purchase these quality control labels, as well as a vast range of different general Inspection labels and quality control labels in different colours and styles, including both “passed” and “failed” labels.

At Label Bar, we supply high-quality labels that can be uniquely altered to suit your business. Please make sure to browse our selection and, if necessary, contact us for more information.



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