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At Label Bar, we aim to be leaders for our industry, specialising in supplying labels for the health and safety industry. With over a decade of experience in the field, aim to provide the widest range of labels that you could need, including those for PAT testing. Today we are going to focus on PAT Test labels and the new IET code of practice for testing. Whether you have played a key part in PAT testing, or have an awareness of PAT labels in the workplace used for electrical appliances and equipment, it has been a year since the IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment has been revised.

Previous Revisions of the IET

Previously, the IET Code of Practice was divided into two sections, with the first being on the management of electrical safety and the legal requirements, and the second aimed at the person conducting the inspection. This second section contained guidelines on testing, comprising the test requirements, visual inspection checks and so on. Now in its fifth edition, last year’s revision includes a series of sections on the need for electrical maintenance, the legal requirements, the competencies of those conducting the work, types of equipment and tests, as well as a section on the frequency of inspection and testing, along with new appendices.

Product Manufacturing Standards and the IET

As there have been changes to product manufacturing standards in recent years, the methods of providing protection from electric shock have been reclassified and changed. Previous methods of protection recommended in BS EN 62368 Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment have been replaced by other common product safety standards. These are described as “energy source classes”.

Energy Source Classes

Whilst the previous SELV is still a valid method of protection for electric shock when used in an electrical installation, it is no longer a used for an item of equipment. It is important for workers to understand the difference between this and the new energy source classes, especially when selecting products that may be used in an installation requiring SELV as a protective measure.

Flowcharts for Conducted Tests

A flowchart aid is included for those conducting tests, helping the worker to perform the inspection and testing to select appropriate tests according to the equipment. Here it is key to verify the equipment for electrical safety for continued use, and the number of required tests have been revised. This may mean that for certain equipment, a visual inspection will be satisfactory as a means of testing. Additionally, a low-current earth bond test has replaced the high-current earth bond test as evidence has suggested that this provides more stress on the connections. Furthermore, the insulation testing voltage has also been revised due to the design of modern electrical and electronic equipment. Lastly, the table regarding the frequency of testing has been replaced.

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