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Here at Label Bar, we aim to be pioneers for our industry, supplying labels for the health and safety industry. With over ten years of experience in the field, we continue to keep abreast of the innovations with the labelling industry. Our goal is to provide the biggest range of labels that you could need, including QR code labels. Today we are going to turn our attention to one example of how QR codes can be implemented in the design of your organisation, combining the science behind such QR code systems and the visual design element.

The Uncommon Store

Located in South Korea, The Uncommon Store is a shop that is entirely operated by QR codes. This means that there are no staff serving customers, and payment is completed through the QR code system rather than using cash, or even card. Its market is aimed at younger customers who are already used to self-service check-out systems.  A collaborative initiative between AWS (Amazon Web Service) and Hyundai group, the shopping experience has become totally contactless. Described as being ‘untact’, the experience starts from the moment shoppers enter the store through QR-code operated entrance barrier. Not only that, but the experience is also customised to each individual, based on stored shopping data.

The Computer Science

The whole space inside the store is like being inside a computer; it is made from a cloud system and internet hyper-connections, ICT, AI complex sensors, and machine learning techniques. Storing and reloading each user’s habits of consumption, a two-way communication system forms between the space and those within it.

The Design Element

The QR code system employed by The Uncommon Store, designed by atelier archi@mosphere, is inspired by retro cinema theatres. The result was a fusion between retro and futuristic aesthetics. The spatial organisation was inspired by neon straps from the 1960s, and act as a way to display and organise the goods within the store’s shelves, as well as regulating the stock, and illuminating the space. Retro colour schemes, which use two or three overlays, combine with industrialised materials such as meta; and acrylic, combine and add to the aesthetic.

QR Codes at Label Bar

Here at Label Bar, we offer a wide choice of options when it comes to QR code labels. You may opt for a simple black and white design, or create completely custom QR code stickers. This could include your company’s logo in full colour, as we have a selection of colours available as standard, including red, green, purple and blue, as well as silver polyester options and special heavy-duty label.

Contact Us

To discover more about our range of QR code stickers and labels, please get in contact with us via our web contact form, or by emailing us at Sales@LabelBar.co.uk. You can also speak to a member of the team directly by calling us on 01325 525 675. A member of our team would be glad to help you with any queries you may have for us.

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