You may be wondering – especially as a small business owner – why there is any focus on the requirement of asset labels within your company. Surely, you’ve got better things to be spending on, whether they’re tools or technology to continue your business’ flourishing? Well, you’d be foolish to neglect the necessity of using asset tags, even if it doesn’t feel like your company owns that much within its inventory.

Here at Label Bar, we have been providing asset labels in the UK and inventory solutions for businesses large and small for years, meaning we know a thing or two when it comes to the importance of keeping stock of your company’s belongings within the office or premises. So today, we thought we’d compile a blog of the top 5 reasons as to why you ought to utilise asset labels within your company:

Automated Inventory Control (Asset Barcode Labels)

If your asset labels have barcodes built into them, you can easily create an electronic inventory of all the items within your possession. This means that you don’t have to waste time manually collating information with a pen and paper, which can either be lost or get damaged over the years. With an electronic inventory, you can make copies and ensure that it always stays topped up and up to date.

Keep an Eye on Moving Assets

If you have portable devices within your company’s possessions – such as laptops, mobile phones or high-end stationery – there’s a big chance that they’re going to be going in and out of the building frequently, especially if they’re allocated to certain staff members who work from home.

By attaching asset stickers to assets that leave the premises, you can be sure that nothing goes missing and that items are quickly replaced if damaged.

Keep on Top of Maintenance

Following on from the last point, asset labels can be of great assistance when it comes to keeping up to date with maintenance and testing of equipment. It’s easy to lose track of documentation regarding testing and maintenance appointments, but with the use of asset management software and asset stickers, you can see with just a quick scan of the barcode when an item’s next service is due. 

A More Streamlined Environment

In business, everything has a knock-on effect, meaning that organisation and planning are integral to the success of a company. Even the small details will impact the bigger picture, so by using asset labels and alleviating that issue, your employees will have items to hand at all times, with their services up to date. Having to wait for equipment, or to have the laptop cupboard restocked as all models have been allocated, will impact on the productivity within your business.

Contact us today here at Label Bar, where our team will be on hand to discuss your options when it comes to utilising asset labels within your company. We’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have regarding using these asset stickers.

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