Here at Label Bar, we have all the different labels your business could need. Whilst we specialise in providing our customers with high quality test labels, being concerned with health and safety, we are pleased to offer a range of labels related to fire safety. Whether you require fire safety labels for fire alarm call points, fire hose reels or fire points, we have the right labels for you.

Each of our fire safety labels are available in a range of quantities, from as little as six, to as many as five hundred, saving you more when you buy in bulk. They measure in at 100mm by 100mm, forming a square design in red and white, in order to draw attention. They are made from a thick and highly durable self-adhesive polyolefin. They are packed in oversized A4 sheets, enabling us to fit six labels on each sheet. 

Fire Alarm Call Point

Fire alarm call points can be used in conjunction with automated systems within the premises. They allow people to signal a fire or an emergency situation exists, alerting those who are inside to evacuate. They will often start an alarm signal at the touch of a button or when glass is broken. The fire alarm call point label allows for a clear visual signpost so that the call point may be located easily.

Fire Hose Reel

A fire hose reel is the piece of fire-fighting equipment that can be used upon first finding a fire. It is designed as a quick-response method that can be used by anyone for fighting fires at the initial stage. However, these usually can’t be used on electrical fires due to the fact that water conducts electricity, so they are best suited to Class A fires, which include those with paper, textiles, wood, most plastics and rubber. Fire hose reels are easily used as they are connected to a main water supply through the use of a control nozzle. Fire hose reel labels enable the user to react quickly when fast action is needed to prevent fire from spreading.

Fire Point

A fire point label is usually used to show the location of fire-fighting equipment in general, so this may be fire hose reels as well as fire extinguisher. As such equipment may be stored in cupboards or hidden areas, the use of fire point labels indicates where this equipment is, so that it is possible to easily find it if needed in an emergency situation. They should be visible across the room.

Contact Us

For more information about our fire safety labels, or any other products, please visit our contact page and complete the online form, or email us at You can also find out more about fire safety in general on our website by reviewing fire statistics and reading our guide to fire safety in the UK.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01325 525 675 to speak to a member of the team directly. We will be happy to help you with your purchase.

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