Hazardous Warning Labels

Here at Label Bar, we have a rainbow of different hazardous warning labels, with each different colour representing a particular type of hazard, with colours including orange, green, red, blue, yellow, and black and white. Prices start from £6.95 for a pack of 6, and money can be saved when bought in bulk up to 500 labels. Each are made with self-adhesive properties, from a thick and extremely hardwearing polyolefin, measuring at 100mmm x 100mm in a diamond shape. Read on to find out more about the specific types of hazardous warning labels.


Our range of orange hazardous warning labels include two designs warning about something that is explosive. One of these specifies a classification number of 1.2, which signifies projection, but not mass explosion. The letter ‘C’ represents a propellant, and together it stands for rocket motors and propelling charges.


The green hazardous warning labels represent gas, including text for compressed gas, non-flammable compressed gas, and non-flammable gas. With a class reading of 2 or 2.2, these identify a non-flammable gas. There are six options available either with or without the relevant text.


Our most extensive range is the red hazardous warning labels, which either consist of a full red background or a red and white background. The numbers included are both 2 and 3, for flammable gas, flammable liquid and other flammable or highly flammable substances. The red and white striped labels are for flammable solids at a rating of 4.1, and there are also those with a rating of 4/4.2 to signify spontaneously combustible substances with the top half of the diamond white and the bottom half red.


The blue hazardous warning labels signify substances with a level 4/4.3 that are dangerous when wet. There are five different designs with options either with or without text, alongside the usual flame/fire symbol that is depicted in many of the hazardous warning labels.


Yellow hazardous warning labels match with a level 5/5.2 with text reading the following: oxidising, oxidiser, oxidising agent, or organic peroxide. There is also one label which consists of a yellow top half and a red bottom half, using a different flame symbol from the others options.

Black and White

Finally, the plain black and white hazardous warning labels signify poison or toxic substances. Most depict the skull and crossbones, with a rating of either 2, 6, 6.1, or 7. Some don’t have text, and others state the warning of poison, toxic, as well as two different options showing infectious substance or a partly-yellow radioactive warning. Additionally, there are level 8 warnings of corrosive substances, and those that warn about hazards to the environment, or miscellaneous level 9 warnings.

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