At Label Bar, we are leading suppliers for an extensive range of labels, including health and safety, identification, and testing. We have over 10 years of industry experience, and today we are going to explore our expertise on offer within our range of PAT labels.

What is PAT?

A PAT is a type of test, which acts as an abbreviation for ‘Portable Appliance Testing’. A PAT label can help with the organisation of equipment that usually undergoes this type of test as part of your company maintenance system, forming a vital part of its health and safety procedures. A visual inspection may be carried out first and foremost, at which point a PAT label will confirm that the testing has been completed. Aside from visual defects, more complex testing may be carried out, and our PAT labels can also account for this more rigorous testing.  The point of such examinations of electrical equipment and appliances is to make sure that they are safe to use. A type of management tool, PAT labels offer an effective way to monitor and review the effect of PAT processes, as well as acting as proof, so when required, you may present PAT labels to demonstrate the ongoing testing of equipment is taking place.

How often should PAT be carried out?

As a general rule, the larger the piece of equipment, the more times a PAT should be carried out. However, the regularity will also vary depending on the environment that the appliances are being used in, and the kind of equipment you are working with. When considering the environment, we can see the difference between the use of power tools in the construction industry compared with using a hairdryer in a hotel room, so logically you can see the difference in important for how regularly these two appliances will require a PAT. Despite there being no legal requirement to carry out PAT tests, the law does stipulate that you make sure that any electrical equipment that has any potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition. PAT labels and the testing itself means that you can show your company is completing this duty.

Who is able to carry out the tests?

As well as having the right PAT labels, it is also necessary for the person carrying out the testing to be competent in the area being tested. They should have the required training, as well as the knowledge and experience to use the correct testing equipment and understand the procedures. Lastly, they must be able to interpret the results of the test and use the PAT stickers to demonstrate the results.

What PAT Labels do we stock?

We offer a range of different designs for PAT labels, including a choice of colours: green, blue, purple and black. PAT labels can indicate when an appliance has passed or failed a PAT and includes various information, such as the ID, test dates and engineer details. Most of our PAT labels are self adhesive, whilst our  tuff tags are a self-tie label for harsher environments. We also stock different items to go with the labels, such as protective label seals and LabelGuard® tags (in blue, red, green and yellow). We also supply Sharpie twin tip permanent marker pens to write on the necessary information for your PAT labels when in use.

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