Here at Label Bar, we are industry leaders when it comes to supplying all kinds of labels for health and safety, identification, and testing. Our experience of over 10 years in the industry makes us experts at providing the largest variety of labels that you could need. Today, we’re going to look at PAT labels.

What is PAT?

In this context, PAT refers to Portable Appliance Testing for the purpose of carrying out examinations of electrical equipment and appliances to make sure they are still safe to use. Whether by looking for any visual defects, or testing the internal processes of the device, PAT labels are useful management tools that enable you to monitor and review the impact of such as maintenance process, as well as acting as evidence to demonstrate that your company is carrying out regular tests.

How regularly should tests be carried out?

There is no set answer as to how often you should carry out PA tests, as this will entirely depend on the type of equipment. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the appliance, the more frequently it should be tested. It will also depend on the environment that it is used in, for example, if you compare power tools used on building sites with a lamp used in a hotel room, you can see the logical difference between how often these two appliances will need testing in this way. The law requires that electrical equipment that has any potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition, so this means of testing can make sure this is the case for your company.

Who can carry out the testing?

Whoever carries out the PAT needs to be competent when it comes to the equipment being tested. It is necessary for them to have the knowledge, training and experience to carry out the job to enable them to use the correct equipment to do the test, as well as being fully capable of doing it, as well as understanding the results of the test.

What PAT Labels do we stock?

At Label Bar, we have an extensive range of PAT stickers and labels, usually available in a variety of colours, including green, blue, purple and black. As well as stickers, we also stock tuff tags, LabelGuard® tag protectors, and even handy Sharpie pens to use with the labels. You can have specific labels that say whether the appliance has passed or failed the inspection, as well as labels for particular purposes, such as microwave emissions. They are made from an extremely aggressive adhesive, making them highly durable. Some stickers and labels are also available to customise with your company logo and contact details. 

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