Asset Labels

When you’re running your business day to day, it is easy to build up lots of assets and equipment. As these things accumulate over time and you become busy with other tasks, it is so simple to lose sight of the proper systems of keeping track of these growing assets and equipment. For this reason, asset labels play a vital role in increasing the efficiency of your business, whether a private or public company, a government body or any other organisation. There are many benefits for purchasing asset labels.


The obvious benefit of investing in asset labels is that it provides optimum organisation for your assets and equipment. It provides you with a system to track all your company’s inventory so that you can put the perfect system in place, so that everything has a rightful place.


The systems we are talking about when we refer to asset labels include sequential numbering, and bar-coding, amongst other forms of tracking. Fixed asset inventory can change, sometimes even on a daily basis, with new assets being bought, others being upgraded, and some being sent for maintenance and repairs, and sometimes needing to be disposed of.


By having these tracking systems in place with your asset labels, not only does it help if anything happens to be misplaced or go missing, but you are able to deter any theft of property from the company, whether internal or external.

Reduced Labour Cost

The use of asset labels also means your company can see a reduced labour cost, as your business becomes more efficient. It enables you to provide the most accurate information and asset inventory without unnecessary hard work. These smart systems can benefit companies of all sizes.

Properties of Our Asset Labels

Here at Label Bar, we offer a wide array of different asset labels, but they have many things in common, such as the use of different colours, and the ability to include your logo and/or company details. Our labels are thick and highly durable, using a strong adhesive. There are different types that may suit you best, whether our super stick asset labels, heavy duty one, or satin silver.

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