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At Label Bar, we have all the different labels your company could require. It is important to use clear inspection labels for electrical settings to ensure everyone working within the environment is aware of the safety within the area. There are a number of hazards that can be avoided if companies carry out regular inspections on electronics. Not only will these label help you adhere to legal standards, but it can help with keeping your inventory up-to-date with working equipment, and can be reassuring for both staff and external clients coming into your business.

We offer a good range of electrical inspection labels, which you can browse to find the type that meets your needs. Below, we will outline some of the different features of our electrical inspection labels to help with your choice.


This type of label can help to show that electrical equipment has been test and acts as a badge of safety. Information may outline that periodic inspections and tests are necessary, in line with the required regulations, offering space for the dates of the last inspection and next inspection and any other details. Alternatively, there’s also an option for devices that are tested quarterly by pressing a T/Test button. Lastly, there’s an option for circuit detail tables for distribution boards, with all the required columns left blank to fill in details on inspection.


There are a few different design options in each of the different colours available. There’s a simple black and white style that has a bold black background, with white text. Similar designs with white text on coloured backgrounds includes yellow, green, blue, and red. There are also those with white backgrounds, featuring text in either red, blue, green, or black. Additionally, there’s a bright yellow version with black text.


Electrical safety test stickers are made from a non-rip matt polypropylene or polyolefin material. They are fully adhesive and are made to be extremely thick and durable, so are long-lasting to ensure you don’t need to continually replace the labels. We also supply Sharpie twin tip permanent markers for you to write any details on your labels.


Electrical safety inspection labels are supplied in a standard size of 72mm x 73mm. There are also extra-large sizes, which measure at 100mm x 75mm. The special circuit detail labels are 150mm x 75mm. 


With each of these electrical inspection labels, whichever size, colour or design, there may be an option to personalise your labels. This could be simply in black and white with your business details and logo. Most of our labels can be customised in full colour, so your logo will really stand out, along with your contact details.

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