Electrical Safety Labels

From an early age, we learn to have a great deal of respect and caution when it comes to dealing with electrical items – whether they’re fixed appliances or portable devices – as their dangers are vast. One false move with a piece of electrical equipment and you can find yourself electrocuted, which is never a nice experience, but can also result in fatality.

Here at Label Bar, we have been working to help companies and premises properly outline the potential electrical hazards within their workplaces or public spaces, ensuring that nobody meets that fate. Today we’ve compiled a list of the different electrical safety labels you may encounter, and where to use them within your own company’s building and grounds:

Voltage Warning Labels 

One of the most commonly seen electrical safety stickers comes in the guise of voltage warning stickers, which notify the person looking at the item or piece of equipment just how high a voltage it can produce. Naturally, this will warn passers-by to be wary of its potential hazards and act accordingly (e.g. stay away!). 

Maintenance Information Electrical Safety Labels 

If there is a specific wiring method that has been used for the piece of electrical equipment in question, it is vital that the engineer coming to service it is aware of the configuration. Without any prior knowledge of the electrical equipment, they can either irreparably break it, or cause injury to themselves. 

Do Not Unplug Electrical Safety Labels 

There are many appliances and life-saving pieces of medical equipment that cannot be just unplugged or switched off without repercussions. For example, if somebody accidentally turns off the freezer within a restaurant setting, the food it contains will perish and things will fall into disarray – wasting time and money.

More pressingly, support machines for very unwell people must be left on as they are providing around-the-clock care to patients, and without their nutrients or medication, the patient can become seriously, fatally ill. 

Fire Alarm Supply Electrical Safety Labels 

As deadly as its electrical cousin, fire is another force that ought not to be reckoned with. If somebody removes the mains supply to a fire alarm and leaves it for a prolonged period of time, this can result in tragedy. 

Do Not Use Electrical Safety Labels 

If a piece of electrical equipment is awaiting repairs, poses a particular threat to those who do not know how to use it, or is just a danger to the public, using a Do Not Use electrical safety sticker ensures that people are aware of this and don’t meddle.

Contact us today here at Label Bar to discuss your options when it comes to outlining the electrical risks within your business, with the help of electrical hazard stickers. Our team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have about your purchase.

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