Electrical Safety Labels

Do you have a workplace or building that contains high levels of electrical voltage or electrical equipment? If so, you need to ensure that the appropriate areas are clearly labelled with the appropriate electrical safety stickers so that visitors are aware of the potential electrical hazards that exist within the building. All electrical systems have the potential to cause harm and damage to both people and the building that they are in, however by practising the correct electrical safety procedures, you can minimise the risk of any damage occurring.

But how exactly do electrical warning stickers help with electrical safety?

They prevent injury 

Probably the most obvious and important reason for properly labelling your electrical equipment with electrical warning stickers is that it prevents injuries from occurring in your building or workplace. By simply having the right electrical safety label in place, you can stop accidents in their tracks and make your workplace or property an accident-free zone.

They comply with health and safety regulations 

Workplace health and safety regulations state that every employer is responsible for keeping their employees safe from injuries and risks to their health whilst they are at work. This means that you are responsible for identifying all of the potential safety risks and electrical hazards in your workplace and taking the necessary steps to properly make your employees aware of these risks. To breach this policy is against the law and could potentially jeopardise your company’s insurance. Placing the appropriate electrical warning label by hazards in your workplace is an effective way of reminding your employers of the hazards that they should be aware of. 

They keep your workers safe when operating equipment 

Electrical safety stickers are also used to provide specific instructions for the operation of electrical equipment, whether that’s telling workers how to operate the equipment safely or instructing them not to use equipment that is damaged or broken. If you have equipment in your workplace that is not safe to use or must be operated in a specific way, then it is important that you use the appropriate electrical warning label to make this clear.

They keep visitors from walking into danger zones 

Unfortunately, electricity is one of the leading causes of death in the workplace. It is therefore imperative that if there are areas of high voltage in your building or workplace, you make this very clear to visitors. Voltage warning labels come in a vivid yellow colour with clear black writing and symbols to make hazardous areas very obvious, greatly reducing the risk of accidents caused by electricity.

Get your electrical labels today! 

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