Electrical safety test stickers are connected with compliance to law and legislation, required by all employers to implement and act on.  How so?

The two most important pieces of legislation and law connected with all aspects of health and safety are the health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.  Other laws that are pertinent only to specific avenues of work such as handling electrical systems and managing electrical systems also exist to ensure a level of standards in any type of working environment.  This is called the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.  These pieces of legislation also apply to schools and colleges.  Care homes are also affected by health and safety law and legislation, as are hotels and restaurants.  In fact, all work environments are affected to some degree with this legislation.  But whether you are required by law in any premises, or not, to carry out and maintain agreed standards and practice, health and safety should be a concern of all who live in this world.

As an example of electrical safety and following health and safety law, a care home or residential home may require regular testing of any portable devices used such as chargers, kettles or hairdryers to confirm they are safe for use and given a suitable electrical safety label, and if not, to then recognise the need for this equipment to be discarded, updated and replaced.  This process is known as PAT testing.

As with any aspect of health and safety, the tests and examination process are only going to be as good as the records that are then kept to make sure that staff and members of the general public know how to act and behave. Therefore, signs and stickers are also involved in keeping up with legislation and safety standards.

Labelbar.co.uk know all of the required electrical safety inspection stickers that are used as part of an agreed format to specify which electrical items to be aware of and how to handle them.  This is also necessary when working in other areas of electrics and important to the electrical technician.  For example, when someone arrives on site at a substation, they need to know exactly what they are dealing with before they are exposed to the system itself.   Electrical safety labels and Electrical safety stickers such as ‘Danger, isolate before opening’ and ‘Warning, more than one supply’ helps the electrician know how to make an environment safe before he begins work.  When there are multiple supplies of electrical current to a system then a clear indication can be put in the form of the correct electrical safety sticker to let everyone know where the supplies are coming from and where to switch them off from, so they don’t leave themselves exposed to any remaining voltage.

Label Bar have equipment tested for electrical safety labels available on their website.  For more information, please click on the links.

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