Quality Control Labels

No one quality control label is the same at Label Bar. Although all meet the catch-all purpose of providing you with a great system to control the quality of the equipment and machinery being used in your business, each has a unique purpose. Our extensive range enables you to get the right label for any imaginable application. There are many benefits to using our quality control labels, so read on to find out four of the best reasons to bring these items into your business.


The number one reason for labels such as this is that the methodology will ensure that all equipment is safe to use. Or alternatively, it will help to signal when equipment should not be touched. Inspection stickers and PAT test stickers also come under the umbrella of quality control.


Our range of labels will help you to comply with the current legislation, creating ready-made labels for you to use when keeping regular records. This will give your company the stamp of approval when it comes to professionalism in the workplace. Keeping on top of your records, by filling in blank details on labels such as the date and signature, will ensure that all members of staff are clear on any machinery and equipment. This will give confidence to the operator of the machinery that all is in full working condition.


We have many different text options that depend on the application, so your label can say exactly what you want it to say. As well as ready-made designs, there are also custom designs, where features such as your company logo or details can be added to tie into that sense of professionalism, and show what your company stands for, and making it easier for the worker.


The last thing that any company wants is to waste time reordering labels, or getting sticky fingers peeling and unpeeling stickers. This is why we guarantee our customers of the quality of our labels, which are made to be highly durable, using a strong and secure adhesive that will live a long-lasting fixture to whatever application you choose.

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