Gas powered heating systems are an efficient and convenient way to warm our homes and business premises and provide hot water.  But like any other energy source, gas – whether from the mains supply or bottled storage – can be dangerous if it is not used correctly, or if equipment like space heaters and water boilers are inadequately maintained.  Gas Safety Labels supplied by Label Bar advise on the correct usage of an appliance, and can be used to keep an accurate record of servicing and repairs.

One of the most popular products among our gas appliance stickers are Gas Appliance Service Records which provide a constant record of the routine maintenance carried out on each device.  When the date of the last service can be clearly seen, it is easy to determine when the next one is due.  If a stored appliance has not had attention recently, it would be wise to at least have it inspected before putting it back into service.  Each of these gas stickers also has a space for the name of the person who carried out the inspection, in the interests of transparency.   Remember, gas is invisible, and leaks from faulty equipment can be both toxic and flammable.  We also have prohibition gas appliance labels for companies operating a LOTO system, and for engineers inspecting such appliances.

Other gas labels advise users on the correct operation of appliances, or on what conditions must be maintained to prevent hazards from arising.  Informational and instructional gas stickers are often the best way to educate colleagues who work around gas equipment, so that they can adopt safe working practices.

In addition to gas safety labels, label bar also supply labels relating to PAT testing, health and safety, electrical systems, and for many other applications.  There can be few more effective ways to impart necessary information in the workplace or elsewhere than a carefully placed sign.  If you can’t find the sign or label you are looking for on our site, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Notes Regarding the Gas Safe Register

The gas safe register is the official body which monitors the activities of gas engineers and gas engineering companies for competence and compliance with relevant legislation, such as the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 and building regulations.  All such engineers and companies are required by law to be registered with this body.

There are several documents which are used by gas engineers and the Gas Safe Register in the performance of their functions, such as Gas Safety Certificates and Gas Safety Records.  As these are official documents, they are only for the use of qualified persons.  We therefore cannot supply ‘Gas Safe Stickers’, ‘Gas Safe Labels’, or any other documentation which would appear to be from an official body.  All the gas appliance labels supplied by label bar are those appropriate for use by the owners and occupiers of premises, or by gas engineers IN ADDITION TO the official documentation.

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