At Label Bar, we are market leaders for supplying labels for the health and safety industry, with clients benefiting from our experience of more than a decade in the field. Experts at providing the largest variety of labels that you could need, here we will draw our focus to our range of hazard warning labels.

What are Hazard Warning Labels?

Hazard warning labels are a very specific type of label, not merely used to warn of hazards, but part of a standardised system of hazard symbols. Hazard warning labels can be used to indicate a range of hazards or dangers, such as toxicity, radioactivity or flammability. The use of hazard symbols follows a set of regulations featuring a visual that may be with or without text, as the warning can be instantly recognised. A symbol has the advantage over text of being quicker to register than a written warning, and being universally recognised rather than relying on one language, so everyone who sees the symbol will be able to understand the message.

Hazard Warning Labels at Label Bar

Here at Label Bar, we have hazard warning labels as stickers, made from a thick and highly durable polyolefin with a strong, permanent self-adhesive. They are certified to meet the British Standard BS 5609, which is specified for printed pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated labels, indicating that they are even suitable for marine use. Hazard warning stickers are supplied in the shape of a diamond, and come in different colours, corresponding to their given hazard. They are available in packs as small as six, up to five hundred, with the possibility to make savings when buying in bulk.

Available Hazard Warning Sticker Colours

Orange labels are used to indicate explosive materials, whilst other colours in the range may have slightly varying meanings. Green hazard warning labels are used for compressed gas, including an indication that it is non-flammable. On the other hand, red labels warn about flammability, with the option to specify whether it is a liquid or gas, with red and white striped hazard stickers used for flammable solids. Hazard warning diamonds half white and half red relate to a substance being spontaneously combustible. Organic peroxide stickers are half red and half yellow, with yellow hazard warning labels generally related to oxidising, whilst those that are half yellow and half white indicating radioactivity. White warning stickers shown something is toxic or infectious, whilst those with more black tend to show something is corrosive, as well as if something is hazardous to the environment, or else black and white stripes is used for miscellaneous purposes.

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