Informtion Included on PAT Test Labels

All Passed Pat Test or Failed Pat Test Labels should contain the date the inspection was carried out.  These two items of information together will allow employees to decide if a piece of equipment is likely to be safe to use.

The third vital piece of information on Pat Test stickers is the identity of the inspector.  This is usually a space for initials or a small signature to be entered, however in cases of personalised Pat Testing labels) the name of the technician may be printed on the label.  Recording the identity of the personnel involved makes it easier to clear up any questions or issues later on, and provides for accountability if something goes wrong.  It is features like this which have made the voluntary  procedure of Pat Test labels UK businesses’ preferred way of monitoring their electrical maintenance.

Another item of information which is optional, but highly recommended, is a description or alpha-numeric code identifying the device in question.  This helps to avoid confusion if an organization maintains several examples of one type of appliance.  Some companies use sequentially printed and numbered custom Pat Test labels for this purpose.  This practice assists with record keeping, not only of the dates and details of Pat inspections, but also of maintenance, repairs, and so on.  Uniquely identifying an item of equipment can also be achieved by the use of barcode Pat Testing labels.  By using a barcode scanner, engineers can easily single out an appliance among many similar items for testing.

Modern Pat Test labels are offered with various other features and in other formats to make engineers’ lives easier.  At Label Bar, we sell various colours of Pat Labels online to make it easier to identify them at a glance.  Meanwhile, Pat Testing visual inspection labels cater for devices which are checked externally for damage but not tested.  Sometimes visual inspection Pat Labels are all that is required. 

Another new type is cable wrap Pat Testing labels.  Cable wrap Pat Test labels are designed to attach to power flexes, mounting frames, and other parts of devices which do not present a convenient flat surface for the attachment of a traditional sticker.  In this way all devices can be labelled regardless of their shape or size.  Likewise, Pat Testing Tuff Tags are an especially tough type of Pat Test sticker, for equipment which may be subjected to rough treatment, such as heavy lifting or being left out in the rain.  Tuff Tag Pat Labels will remain securely attached and fully legible under all kinds of conditions. If none of the above stickers meet your needs, it is possible to have personalised Pat Stickers produced to your specification and sent to your business.  Personalised Pat Labels can be made up to include various information including your contact details and business logo.  To buy Pat Test labels online, or to find out more about personalised Pat Test label options, contact Label Bar today.

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