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By law employers must supply workers with appropriate protective clothing to ensure they can carry out their job safely. Many professions, from cooking to chemistry, involve health and safety risks and the importance of providing work safety clothing goes further than just preventing injuries.

Keeps Work Flowing

Ensuring your workers are correctly protected for whatever job they are carrying out will decrease the amount of accidents in the work place. This means there will be less interruptions to the working routine, keeping a steady work flow which will make your business more productive and reliable.

If you have workers being off sick for injuries that have happened at work it will interrupt your work schedule and have a negative effect on your business. This is why providing access to the correct work safety clothing and equipment can contribute to the steady running of a business.

Legal Action / Insurance

With work safety clothing being necessary by law it is important for employers and employees to take responsibility for themselves to protect from legal action and make sure they’re covered by an insurance policy.

Mandatory Signs

It is not only important to provide the necessary work safety clothing but also to clearly sign which areas are necessary to wear them. These Mandatory signs or labels can be used to advise about many different safety clothing requirements, such as:

  • High visibility clothing
  • Eye protection
  • Respiratory masks
  • Ear protection
  • Hairnets
  • Safety Harness

Mandatory Safety Label

Mandatory signs can advise on many different safety requirements, not just clothing. They are also useful for preventing injuries through heavy lifting and enforcing hygiene with ‘wash your hands’ or signs advising to dispose of waste correctly.


Another reason work safety clothing is important is because it works as a uniform identifying people who work in specific areas of a business. This is useful to quickly find a specific worker, for example on a building site you will know straight away how to find the construction workers as they will be wearing protective hard hats.

To ensure safety in the work place, ensure staff are trained in the correct safety clothing that is necessary for their job. Make all clothing easily accessible and don’t forget to use mandatory signs and symbols to advise when safety clothing must be warn in specific areas. This will keep your work force safe, decrease the amount of sick or injured staff and help overall with the smooth running of the business.

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