Barcode Labels

Such is the proliferation of electrical and electronic devices in our working lives that even the smallest of private companies may have dozens of appliances in their offices, on the shop floor, in the warehouse, in company vehicles, or carried by individual colleagues wherever they go.  Such devices usually include mobile ‘phones, laptop computers, printers and photocopiers, display screens and monitors, and other business equipment.  There may also be barcode scanners, GPS locators, handling equipment, production machinery, power tools, and the like.  And there will almost certainly be mundane products such as vacuum cleaners, hand driers, and other run-of-the-mill appliances which all play a small part in, we could say, keeping the mill running.

If you are a maintenance engineer for a large company, you may be responsible for many thousands of such items of various types, spread over several sites.  When a device is reported as faulty, how do you track down the unit in question for examination and repair?  The easy way to keep abreast of your company’s inventory of electrical assets is by using asset ID barcode labels from Label Bar.  We believe our expertise in the field of PAT test and barcode label printing is unsurpassed, and the range and quality of the products available from our online store is the very best on the market.  Our barcode stickers will make it easy for you to monitor the status of every appliance on your company’s premises, for the purposes of routine maintenance, activity monitoring, and security.

As is the case with all barcode systems, the hub of the process is a database which stores all the relevant information for each device in your firm’s inventory.  A unique numerical identifier relates each appliance to a particular barcode.  The barcode label is then firmly affixed to the device, and can therefore be easily distinguished from any similar products throughout the site or elsewhere.  Whenever a device must be identified – say, if it has developed a fault and requires repair – the barcode can be scanned by a normal barcode reader, and a message is sent to the database along with the action required.  The database can then be set up to issue a report to maintenance personnel requesting action.  Since the report contains the unique identification of the unit, there is no need for imprecise notes such as ‘the second hand drier in the gent’s washroom on the third floor of the back warehouse at the Park Road depot’.  The engineer will have all the information they need, along with the service history for the device in question, the supplier’s details, and any other data held on file.  When they reach the location, they can confirm that they are in the right place using their own barcode scanner.

Databases can also issue alerts when routine inspections are due.  Our electrical safety test stickers not only identify a unit, but also allow test results to be logged.  Label Bar supply the barcode labels UK businesses need to streamline their operations.

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