As a business owner or manager of a space with hazards present, it is crucial that you take the proper measures to ensure your employees and guests are safe. While there are multiple health and safety measures to assist building owners and entrepreneurs in securing the safety of those on the premises, one of the easiest and simplest ways of doing so is through health and safety signs. While these should be used complementary to other measures, you can send a message loud and clear to passers-by that there is a potential risk to be wary of, holding off a variety of accidents and keeping people safe. Today, we will be taking a look at the health and safety stickers and labels available here at Label Bar, why they are so important, and their useful features as warning signs.

Our range of safety stickers

Our safety stickers range from warning against the extremely hazardous and dangerous risks, to encouraging your visitors and employees to comply with standards set on your premises. These serve a variety of purposes and can fully equip your building or work environment to communicate all the present risks, big or small.

For example, the no smoking sign is a simple yet obvious warning against the prohibition of smoking cigarettes in that area. The red and white background of the sign contrasts strongly with the black graphic, making it crystal clear to anyone nearby that smoking is not allowed.

Alternatively, you may require health and safety stickers for more extreme and dangerous risks. For example, our range of electrical safety labels will send a clear warning where complex electrical wiring is present, with high voltages posing a risk to the safety and even survival of personnel. With the electrical health and safety signage, you can communicate the presence of high voltage, multiple electricity supplies, the need to isolate before opening, and the presence of a mains switch, to name a few.

How can they help you in protecting yourselves, your employees, and your guests?

Our health & safety labels are designed with high-quality and longevity in mind. The bright and saturated colours are hard to miss, even for distracted employees busy at work. The non-rip, polypropylene material is extremely tough, with a self-adhesive backing that ensures once the label is stuck, it stays there for a significant period of time. This also means you can keep them outside, where their waterproof material will withstand even the rainiest of weather.

They are available as stick on labels and as wrap-around signs. This multi-purpose design ensures there is something suited to everyone’s needs.

Get in touch

For more information on our safety stickers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Someone from our team will be happy to answer any remaining questions you may have. You can reach us by sending us an email at, or if you prefer to speak with someone directly, you can call us on 01325 525 675.

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