Electrical Inspection Labels

In order to ensure optimum levels of health and safety within your company – for the benefit of yourself, your staff and any customers who may visit the premises – there are a number of steps that need to be taken. One of these is the implementation of electrical inspection stickers and labels on appropriate pieces of equipment. But why do you need to use these in order to protect those working with and within your company?

Here at Label Bar, we have been manufacturing and supplying health and safety labels for a myriad of purposes for over a decade, meaning we definitely know a thing or two when it comes to the rationale and protocol behind safety sticker use. So today we decided to give you a run-through of why it’s so important that you ensure all electrical equipment in use, or for sale through your company is accurately labelled:


Whether your company is a restaurant, or a supplier of used electrical goods, it is equally important that you are upfront and organised when it comes to the testing status of your electrical equipment.

With regards to a restaurant, café or pub, the electrical equipment that you use in your kitchen or for your coffee makers must be tested and maintained regularly, else it can jeopardise your Food Hygiene rating. For example, if you were to use an oven that was faulty – forgetting to mark it with an electrical inspection sticker – you could find that you neglect to have it fixed and then a customer may contract food poisoning.


In a similar vein, the general safety of your staff and visitors can be put under threat if electrical equipment isn’t adequately labelled. If there’s faulty wiring within one of the machines in use – that isn’t labelled to show that it’s out of use and awaiting repair – a new staff member may come onto shift and injure themselves. Naturally, this is a disaster as the staff member will be hurt, but they may also sue!

Inventory & Stock-Check

Whether you’re labelling the machinery that you use within your business to provide for customers, or you’re a supplier of electrical goods, using a labelling system helps you stay on top of the inventory and stock within your business. This helps to avoid pieces being lost or stolen, or a faulty product being sent out to a customer and ruining your company’s reputation.

Customer Reassurance

If a customer is well-versed in – for example – the food and drink industry and notices that your new business isn’t sufficiently prepared with electrical safety inspection stickers, they may go away from your premises and tell others within the industry.

Contact us here today at Label Bar, where we can easily set you up with the tools and knowledge to properly prepare your business machinery and stock with electrical test stickers and labels. With competitive prices and speedy delivery, you don’t need to leave anything to chance.

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