PAT Testing Labels

The PAT testing process doesn’t have to be complicated, but should be carried out methodically if you want your colleagues, management, and any third parties such as HSE inspectors to be able to see clear evidence of your compliance.  Proper recording and documentation of PAT testing procedures can be even more complicated than the inspection procedure itself – unless you have the right stationary.  With PAT Testing Labels and other stationary readily available from Label Bar, keeping a record of all your PAT Testing activities including inspection results and retest dates becomes a doddle.

A crucial item for anyone involved in PAT test scheduling, a PAT Test log book is a single, centralized record of all portable appliance inspection activities for a single site.  When all your results are written in a single, dedicated record, any and all information will be at your fingertips if you’re required to produce it.  Such a level of organization is sure to impress any officials who encounter it.  Sure, it’s possible to use a simple ring-bound note pad or jotter for the same purpose, but we recommend a dedicated record book for the level of professionalism it displays, and for your convenience as there is ample space for each item of information you may need.

PAT Testing Labels are the bread-and-butter of your electrical appliance inspection programme.  Affixing PAT test labels to devices in your workplace offers instant assurance that electrical safety guidelines have been adhered to, and that the particular item in question has received individual attention to ascertain its suitability.  More specific information is available to those checking the PAT  testing label more closely: the date the last inspection was conducted, the identity of the tester, and any notes about the results of the test should be recorded here.

Just what form this PAT test label takes depends on many factors.  By far and away the most common type of PAT test label is the standard self-adhesive sticker containing the above information, which can be attached to any flat surface of an appliance where it can easily be seen by the operator.  But at Label Bar, we also produce several other types of PAT Test Labels for different situations.

For example, a range of personalization options mean you can have your organization’s PAT test labels designed to suit your specific needs.  Want your company name on there?  No problem! Full colour logo?  You got it!  We can also produce runs of PAT testing labels with serial ID numbers for asset identification schemes, or with barcodes for companies who maintain database records of all their appliances.

Other options include cable wrap PAT test labels, which can be attached to the power cords of devices with no convenient flat surfaces, and ‘tuff-tag’ versions fir use in especially demanding environments.  Whatever applications you may have for PAT testing labels, we will have a product to match – get in touch with our team today, and they will help you find what you are looking for.

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